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Last updated January 2019.

UX Mastery’s global community is curious and collaborative, with a passion for practical, insightful content and services that help with their career, their teams and their projects. They are frequent visitors to the site and value its creative content and trustworthy approach to user experience design and its wider community of connected professionals.

A large reach

The monthly audience to UX Mastery is 54 thousand unique users onsite, and 145 thousand unique users across all channels:

  • Our main website is the home of our content and the flagship of our digital presence has 54k unique visitors per month, and 96k pageviews per month.
  • Mailing lists are the primary method we use for reaching out to our fans have 23k unique subscribers, with an average open rate of 22% and average click rate of 12%.
  • Community forums provide detailed and enduring group discussions for forum members and public web visitors, have 5500 members and 2.9k pageviews per day.
  • Twitter is how we share and message thinking, examples and useful resources in a two-way conversation with our 40.5k followers, averaging 2.4k impressions and 60 engagements per tweet.
  • Facebook is where we provide a place for our 15.5k members to belong and a way for them to show the world what they are doing. 4.5k organic post reach.

Our readers are almost an even split between male (53%) and female (47%). The age of readers skews young, with 80% of readers under 44 years old.

49% of our audience hear from us daily, and 96% would recommend us.

71% of our readers are working professionally in industry, which supports our vision of supporting designers in their careers. The other main sectors represented in readership are students and interns (16%), and people from outside the UX discipline (13%).

Just under half of our readers are considered senior practitioners, with 46% having more than 5 years professional experience in UX, and 31% having 10 years or more. Only 26% of our readers are within their first 2 years practicing UX in industry.

An engaged audience

We aim to share knowledge and work with experienced experts to create and promote valuable content into industry discussions. We have an engaged audience, and after reading an article:

  • 85% of readers discuss it with friends, 53% share on social media, and 23% comment about the article.
  • 63% of readers change their own attitude or behaviour, and 55% use articles to inform, discuss and debate.
  • 39% of readers do further research, 12% use articles to develop strategy and inform decisions, and 15% use articles to support policy and business decisions.

Why readers choose UX Mastery

UX Mastery is editorially independent, which is valued by almost all (96%) readers.

Our readers choose us to read reliable content not available elsewhere (54%), explore topics they are interested in (72%), and for fresh insights and advice (46%).

73% of readers say they read us to get information from the experts, whilst 67% of readers come to us for information they can trust. Issues they are commonly confronted by are:

  • Feeling overwhelmed and struggling to know where to start
  • Finding it hard to get hands on experience
  • Needing help connecting with peers, mentors and role models.
  • Help getting good support and budgets for UX teams and projects
  • Staying up to date with industry changes, relevant changes and ‘best practices’.
  • Sifting truth from misinformation.

Sources: Google analytics & Reader + author surveys 2018. View survey results

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